Document Solutions

Save Costs with Digital Tools

Having the necessary printers, copiers, and other equipment is a significant factor in your business’ document success, but you need to make sure you are utilizing your equipment in the most efficient manner. With Elite’s document capture and routing solutions, you can establish protocols that will automatically route your scanned documents.

While hardware is a critical piece of your document handling plan, even more critical is the way that you manage these files after they are created. Elite’s document management systems were developed with business efficiency and data security in mind.

Take Control of Costs

Industry data indicates that printing can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to an organization, and odds are your business isn’t exempt from that. But, how can you control that cost? Count reams of paper or toner cartridges? Elite Technology knows that you have more important things to do with your time, which is why we will analyze your printing for you and give you actionable data.

Reduce Waste

Rules-based printing is an often overlooked feature in document management solutions. A thorough rules-based printing plan can reduce wasteful printing and ensure that your print jobs are routed the most appropriate equipment for the job which will save tremendous costs in the long run. This solution will allow you to determine if and when a print job should be executed which will save on the paper and toner cost relating to additional print jobs.

At Elite Technology we have a variety of products and services for your business. Once you have the right equipment for your needs, potentially, the more critical component is what you will do to maximize your equipment and drive efficiencies for your bottom line. This is where our document solutions come into play. We have the services you need with the Elite support you deserve.

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