Print Accounting

Print Accounting

Take Control of Costs

Industry data indicates that printing can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to an organization, and odds are your business isn’t exempt from that. But, how can you control that cost? Count reams of paper or toner cartridges? Elite Technology knows that you have more important things to do with your time, which is why we will analyze your printing for you and give you actionable data.

  • Print quantities by department, including costs
  • Print quantities by user, so you can better train your frequent printers
  • Real data on consumables so you can maximize your paper and toner

Elite Data Analysis

Elite Technology won’t abandon you to translate the raw data from a print accounting system yourself. Our team will work as your partner to help make sense of data and make the appropriate decisions from it. We’ll help you assess: Do we have enough printers or possibly too many? Do we need to print that many duplicates of that document? And much more. Each business is different so each data set is different, but we will be there to help you decipher yours.

Savings Sources

A few of the most effective ways to reduce printing costs are by implementing rules-based printing and move to digital document handling and creation document capture & routing. By moving to digital document transactions your business can save immense amounts of money by reducing printing costs across the board.

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