Document Capture & Routing

Document Capture & Routing

Save Costs with Digital Tools

Having the necessary printers, copiers, and other equipment is a significant factor in your business’ document success, but you need to make sure you are utilizing your equipment in the most efficient manner. With Elite’s document capture and routing solutions, you can establish protocols that will automatically route your scanned documents.

Benefit of Going Digital

There are many benefits to making use of document capture and routing services. Some of these benefits include:

  • Greater mobility with cloud-based document access programs
  • Easy communication and sharing abilities
  • Organization is a breeze with standardized file locations and naming conventions
  • Enhanced security with user authentication, access rules, and document monitoring features

Going Green

Document capture and routing are not only smarter ways to work, but they are also big steps to minimizing your environmental impact. Between minimizing printed documents to maximizing the use of your fleet, you can drastically cut your carbon footprint.

Benefits of Elite’s Document Capture & Routing:

  • Establish workflows that reduce menial tasks and human error
  • Manage the security settings to see who is doing what, when
  • Enhance readability for easier interpretation and collaboration

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