Your Printer Can (Probably) Do More

Need to jazz up a report for an upcoming presentation? Ready to hand out brochures at a local event? You're probably considering a trip to your nearest print-and-ship to get this job done, but not so fast. You can easily handle these print jobs in your own office with the right equipment.

Because printers are often used for the typical 8.5x11 documents, it's easy to forget how versatile even the most standard machine truly is. Your multifunction printers, scanners, and copiers probably have more functions that you even know they do. Here are a few features that you may need for your next job.

Get More From Your Documents

There are countless finishing options available that could make your documents stand out from the crowd.

  1. Booklets: Whether you're featuring your products or making instructions, booklets are a great way to communicate a message. You can create event programs, user manuals, and presentation guides quickly with your printer in your office.
  2. Flyers: You can make a sharp-looking advertisement in a matter of minutes with 11x17 paper and a little design savvy.
  3. Folding: No one in your office has time to fold hundreds of pieces of paper for an upcoming mailer or brochure. Many copier add-ons offer folding options that will make your employees' lives easier and save time.
  4. Stapling: This feature is especially handy when you're making multiple copies of the same document and want to be ready to hand them out immediately at your next meeting. Automatic stapling is a fantastic time-saver.
  5. Punching options: A favorite of administrative staff everywhere, hole punching options are a common sight in many machines today. Two- and three-hole punch are standard, but many machines offer custom patterns as well.

To learn more about features you'd like in your next multifunction printer, contact us today.