Is Your MFP On Board With Your Security Plan?


When you think of document security, you probably imagine keeping your network secure and ensuring that your document management system has security measures in place. But is your multifunction printer a part of your document security equation? It should be. In fact, your multifunction printer is probably where many of your document processes begin—and your document security should start there, too.

Securing Your Multifunction Printer

Security breaches are in the news every week, it seems, bringing attention to a growing problem. As our devices are more connected than ever, it has become crucial that we protect our information. Here's how to get your multifunction printer on board with your security plan.

  1. Rethink common printing practices: How often is a confidential document simply left in a printer tray in your workplace? Probably too often. Consider implementing a few commonsense policies and changing your printer settings to make your office more secure. A security breach isn't always an outside entity gaining access to information; it could just as easily begin with a frustrated employee finding a sensitive document in a printer tray. Use passwords, swipe cards, and other secure printing settings to protect data.
  2. Implement mobile printing policies: Are employees using mobile devices at work? A mobile printing solution can ensure that smartphones and tablets don't pose a security threat to your business. Make sure that employees are well aware of the security protocols associated with using their mobile devices for work, as well. Mobile technology can help your business innovate, but shouldn't come at a cost.
  3. Recycle responsibly: Before you send your MFP off for recycling, be sure to erase, remove, or destroy its hard drive. Most modern MFPs store copies of documents on their hard drive indefinitely, meaning that it could be an enormous security risk.

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