Your Guide to Choosing a Copier

It can be difficult to find a new copier, especially considering the many options available on the market today. There was a time when there weren't many available models that a business could choose from, but today, there are as many different kinds of printers, copiers, and scanners as there are companies that could use them.

Finding the right copier begins with finding the right copier dealer. Here are our top tips for selecting the perfect new device to fit your business needs.

The Right Copier Starts with the Right Dealer

It can be tempting to walk into the nearest big box office supply store and choose a copier off of the shelf, especially one that's on sale. But the fact of the matter is, these models aren't built to handle the rigors of business printing. They're best suited for making copies of someone's homework or printing out invitations to a birthday party—in other words, they're for private use, and can't handle the brunt of your office printing.

Instead, you should choose a local copier dealer who partners with a technology company you trust. If you're interested in a certain brand of printer, find a local dealer who can help you through the process of finding the right printer. Once you've found your vendor, ask yourself these questions.

  1. What kind of printing do you do? This will determine whether you want black-and-white, color, multifunction, and many other available options.
  2. How much do you print in a month? Knowing your company's monthly printing needs will determine how robust of a copier you need and how high of speed you'll require.
  3. What's in your budget? It's important to understand that a printer's cost is much more than just what's on the price tag. Consider ongoing costs and choose a high-quality printer that will save you money down the road.

For more information about finding the perfect copier for your business, contact us today.