Time to Change Your Services Provider?

Change is hard, which is why many companies make do with subpar service for years. Ask yourself this: are you putting up with managed services that aren't working well simply because a change would be uncomfortable?

Managed print services can be the kind of solution that changes your company's productivity for the better. But if your partnership with your current managed services provider isn't living up to your expectations, there's no reason to wait around for things to improve. It's time to switch providers and get the service you need.

Don't Let Complacency Cost You Money

It's easy to get complacent—to think, "Oh, well, at least we have managed print services." But you could be spending too much every month, a reality that's keeping your business from moving ahead of the competition. If you're paying too much for printing, you're already in subpar managed services contract.

Does this sound familiar?

  • Low print quality
  • Too much print volume
  • Slow response time
  • Poor customer service
  • Inflexible contracts
  • High costs

If you haven't seen the improvements you were promised when you signed a print management contract, it's time to move on. And although it may seem impossible to get out of a contract with a managed services provider, it's not. There are always ways to cancel an agreement, particularly if you feel that your provider hasn't lived up to their promises.

Consider this: are you being treated well and getting your money's worth out of your service? If not, it's time to choose a new provider. We can help you navigate the selection of the right mix of solutions and equipment or MFPs to make your business succeed. For more information about our managed print services, contact us today.