Three Must-Have MFP Features

multifunction printer

For the majority of small business owners, thinking about printers only happens when you need one. If the printer is available and ready to print when you need it, you hardly give printing a second thought. But when every penny counts, it's worth your time to consider how you can maximize your return on investment for your multifunction printers. Choosing the right multifunction printer is essential, particularly considering how much you'll rely on its dependability. Here's what to look for when purchasing a multifunction printer.

  1. Low Total Cost of Ownership The cost of your machine is far more than just what's reflected in the price tag. In the printer business, we like to talk about total cost of ownership—this includes the replacement cost of ink, paper, and energy to keep your machine running. Some devices have a low initial cost, making them seem like a great deal, but because they're less dependable or rely on expensive consumables, they're an expensive printer in disguise. Make sure you're asking about and considering the total cost of ownership when purchasing a multifunction printer.

  2. Enhanced Productivity Your MFP should be much more than a simple printer; it should be able to help you modernize and enhance your office workflows. A modern multifunction printer should have features like the electronic routing of documents and finishing options such as stapling. These features may seem like "bells and whistles," but they could be the missing piece to putting you ahead of your competition.

  3. Mobility It's becoming more and more popular to use smartphones for business—in fact; the mobile revolution is changing how we do nearly everything. Shouldn't it also change how you print? Choose an MFP that's ready to print from mobile devices, ensuring that the productivity doesn't halt the minute your employees need to print from their mobile devices.

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