Six Practical Tips for Reigning in Costs

If you're not sure where your company's hard-earned revenues went last year, perhaps it's time to take a look at those small, everyday purchases.

Try This!

From pens to toner cartridges, small purchases can add up quickly, putting a sizable dent in your cash flow. Try these tips to reign in costs.

  1. Automatic duplexing is an incredibly easy way to reduce printing costs. By printing on both sides of a document, you can cut paper usage nearly in half without even trying. A default setting makes it easier on employees who may be concentrating on their project and not how many sheets of paper they're using to complete it.

  2. It's easy to restrict color printing to those departments and employees who require it for their jobs. Other staff who may be using color for web pages and even personal use could be costing your print spend to rise significantly.

  3. Document capture and routing can help your company reduce the cost of managing paper. By automating workflows and capturing information as soon as it enters your organization, you can save on the labor and administrative costs associated with paper processes.

  4. Your office equipment can be a source of hidden costs. Aging printers and multifunction copiers don't include the paperless workflow solutions standard on the latest devices. From reduced energy costs to increased efficiency, an equipment upgrade will pay for itself in the long run.

  5. Reduce overall printing costs with a print accounting system. Find out how many documents you currently print, where you're wasting resources, and what to do to bring things back under control.

  6. Are you spending too much on office supplies? Ad hoc and under-the-radar purchasing can make it difficult to track expenses, but over time even small purchases can add up. Appoint one person to handle your orders and inventories, and choose a trusted vendor to keep your supply closets stocked.

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