Should You Lease or Buy?

Many companies don't realize that there's more than one option when you need a printer for your business. You don't have to put up the cash immediately if you need a printer or copier right now—in fact, leasing and financing are attractive options for growing businesses of all sizes.

Leasing and financing allows you the flexibility that you need to get the job done with the right technology. Read on to find out if leasing or financing is the best option for your business.

Why Lease?

Purchasing a copier or printer has obvious advantages—you own the device and can get the most use out of it. But the upfront cost of some pieces of equipment can be thousands—even tens of thousands—of dollars, making needed technology cost prohibitive for many businesses. That's why companies often choose to lease or to finance as a flexible solution for the technology needs.

Device leasing may be right for you if:

  • You're not sure about a particular device: Maybe you want to "try out" a printer or copier before committing to buying it. Leasing can give you that kind of flexibility.
  • You're in a period of growth: Businesses often need to keep cash flow free to maximize growth opportunities. Leasing provides you with that ability through eliminating the high upfront cost of investing in new devices.
  • You just opened a new location: While you're getting your new site underway, it's worthwhile to consider leasing to simplify things. Leasing contracts often come with servicing and delivery options that make it easier to open up a new office, even if you're managing the process from thousands of miles away.

For more information about how leasing and financing can benefit your business, contact us today.