Read This Before Choosing Your Next Multifunction Printer


If you're considering purchasing a multifunction printer, you already know that it's a big decision to make with implications for your business's productivity and bottom line. It can be difficult to choose which model will work best for your company, as well as decide between purchasing or leasing your new equipment. Here are some things to keep in mind as you continue your search.

Know Your Overall Costs

The cost of your multifunction printer will be much more than just what's on the tag when you make your initial purchase. In the printer business, we talk about total cost of ownership (TCO), a number that is calculated by determining the cost-per-page, replacement supplies, and other operational costs. When you're considering devices, be sure to compare the TCOs to see what you'll have to shell out to keep your printer operating.

Keep an Eye on the Future

You may want to purchase an essentials-only printer that can only perform basic functions. But consider buying a device that help your company update current processes and that will grow as your business grows. The right kind of technology can propel your business forward and facilitate growth. Don't shy away from a more complex multifunction printer simply because you're not sure you'll use all the "bells and whistles" now—they could be indispensable in the future as you update outdated workflows.

Work with a Company You Trust

Most importantly, be sure that you're purchasing and working with a vendor you trust. This will be essential in your process of researching, asking questions, and seeking the best possible technology to help your business succeed.

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