Leasing vs. Buying: A Quick Guide

office equipment

If you're stuck trying to decide between buying or leasing new office equipment, you may be trying to weigh the ultimate costs versus benefits. Although it may seem like a simple decision, it actually involves delving into the details of what a lease agreement looks like, how much the total cost of purchasing a device will be, and other factors.

Here the things you should keep in mind while you're choosing whether to purchase or lease a new printer, copier, fax machine, scanner, or multifunction printer.

Buying vs. Leasing

The first step when deciding between buying or leasing is to choose your printer. We have plenty of excellent resources, including our staff, available to help you make this decision easy. After you've decided what type of machine and what model you'd like, it's time to figure out whether leasing or buying is right for your company.

Buying Office Equipment

Many businesses assume buying is the only option, and default to purchasing. There are many advantages to buying your office equipment, including the simplicity of owning your devices, long-term use, and a low annual cost. Of course, for some companies, buying isn't the best option, due to the larger initial cost and the possible repair or maintenance expenses that can stack up over time.

Leasing Office Equipment

Leasing is becoming increasingly attractive for companies looking to free up capital during times of growth or change. With a lower upfront cost and the ability to upgrade equipment when needed, leasing is a popular option. The cons for leasing include higher costs over time and the inconvenience of not owning your devices.

If you're still on the fence about whether it's time to lease or buy office equipment, contact us. WE can help you choose the right option for your business.