How Your MFP Can Help With Invoicing

What are you paying the most for in your business? It's likely your staff's time—it's one of your most expensive and most valuable commodities. That's why it's worthwhile to consider any solutions that can save your staff some time over the course of their day, especially in regular activities that are perhaps relying on old processes.

Invoicing is one of the areas that many businesses choose to automate and simplify in order to save employees time. The few minutes of time saved during each invoice process will add up over time to significant savings.

How to Use Scanning to Simplify Invoicing

Invoicing often starts with a piece of paper. But when that piece of paper gets shuffled around the office, left on desks, filed, and copied, you've lost valuable time and money—not to mention you've probably compromised the security of that piece of paper. You can automate and digitize many of these invoicing workflows by starting with one crucial step: scanning each invoice with your multifunction printer.

A multifunction printer can make a piece of paper into a digital file, giving you the ability to take it from there into a document management system or other program and automate your input, integration, filing, and search. Here are some ways you can digitize invoicing.

  1. Automated input: Optical character recognition (OCR) software can recognize and extract letters, numbers, and symbols and make an invoice into an editable document when it has been scanned.
  2. Integrate with AP: If you integrate your digital processes with accounts payable, it's easy to automate your AP processes. With the right established rules, you can match invoices with purchase orders without ever expending employee effort.
  3. Fast search: A digital file is easier to find than a piece of paper. Scanned invoices are fast to search for and easy to store.

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