How Well Do You Know Your MFP?

Of course, you understand and use your multifunction printer's basic functions, probably every day. You print, scan, fax, and copy documents as part of your daily office operations. But did you know that your multifunction printer has even more advanced functions that will likely help you ramp up productivity in your company? Here are a few of the ways your can use your MFP to increase efficiency.

Get to Know Your Multifunction Printer

If you're only using the basic four functions of your MFP, you're missing out. Multifunction printers are powerful tools that can make your office more efficient and cost-effective. Learn how to use these functions by consulting your MFP's user manual or calling up your local office equipment vendor.

  1. Scan-to-file: Did you know that you can scan documents directly to your email or a document management system? Skip the middle step and send your document directly where you would store it, saving time and reducing errors.
  2. Optical Character Recognition: Did you know that your MFP can read? Optical Character Recognition (OCR) allows your multifunction printer to recognize letters, punctuation, and numbers from a scanned document, creating searchable files that are easy to locate, share, copy, and edit.
  3. Applications: Your MFP easily links to a content management system or Google account, making it a breeze to upload files automatically. Apps aren't just for smartphones anymore; your smart printer can eliminate the age-old "email a file to myself" for good.

Your multifunction printer can do so much more than just print, scan, fax, and copy (and that's already a lot!). If you'd like to learn more about what your multifunction printer can do or need a new MFP to boost your company's productivity, give us a call. We can help you find the exact printer to meet your unique business needs.