How to Choose the Best MFP for Your Requirements


Today's multifunction printers offer a suite of capabilities to improve productivity and streamline workflows across your organization. With so much to consider, a little advance preparation will help you find the right MFP that perfectly matches your organization's requirements.

Consider Color

While color printing may cost more than black-and-white, it's good to have it available when you need it. For example, research shows that customers respond more quickly to invoices that include some color.

Match Your Needs to the Duty Cycle

The duty cycle on your MFP reflects the number of documents it can print during a typical month. Matching your number exactly with the MFP's duty cycle isn't enough; taxing your device by regularly meeting or exceeding the duty cycle can put too much demand on your investment. Choose a duty cycle with plenty of room to get more years of service from your MFP.

Don't Overlook Speed

For small businesses with just a couple of employees, speed isn't usually an issue. But for large workgroups with multiple pressing deadlines, speed is a critical consideration. Find out the page-per-minute on any MFP you're considering to make sure it can keep up with demand.

True Cost-Per-Page

It's ironic but true; the less you pay for your MFP, the more you'll pay for ink or toner. It's also true that low-quality devices don't provide the page yield that most businesses require. Inquire about page yield when purchasing your MFP along with the cost of the necessary ink or toner. Also keep in mind that laser toner cartridges deliver much higher yields than inkjet devices.

Factoring in the TCO

The TCO (True Cost of Ownership) indicates the cost of using the MFP throughout its useful life. A quality MFP may cost more initially, but after factoring in reliability and running costs, it's a much better investment in the long run.

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