Finding the Right Copier

Buying a copier is the kind of thing you don't think about until you have to do it. And then, when the time comes, you just want to get it over with as soon as possible. Before you rush in and make the wrong decision, though, let us help you find the right copier. You don't want to buy just any copier; you need the one that's well-suited for your company. Here are some tips and tricks to select the perfect copier.

Finding a New Copier for Your Business

The best way to make this complicated decision is to take a close look at what your company is already doing. Answer these questions to find your new copier.

  1. Is this copier replacing a machine? What did that machine do?
  2. What capabilities will employees need?
  3. How will this copier fit into your current fleet? Will you choose one that is the same brand for compatibility?
  4. How will this copier connect to your network?
  5. Does this copier have good user reviews?
  6. Will this copier continue to be relevant as your company grows?
  7. What copier features could improve current workflows and processes?
  8. Will this copier improve uptime and need minimal maintenance?

Once you've figured out what your current needs are, you can find the copier that fits those needs perfectly. If your print environment is complicated and you don't have the time, consider managed print services. With managed print services, you'll have experts on hand to make purchasing decisions for you and simplify your print environment. You'll reap the benefits of a qualified team of experts managing the day-to-day and strategic planning of your print environment, including cost savings and higher productivity. For more information about our available copiers and managed print services, contact us today.