Are Your Forgetting Something? Here's How to Recycle Your Copier Securely

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Maybe you're ready to recycle your copier because it's outdated—you purchased it years ago, and it just isn't working anymore. Or maybe you're ready for an upgrade and you're passing your copier onto a different organization. Or maybe you're returning a copier that you leased. Whatever the reason for replacing your copier, you may be missing one critical step in the process: protecting your information.

Is Your Copier Dangerous?

We've all heard about data breaches from laptops, computers, networks, and cloud services. It seems everyone's information is vulnerable these days. But did you know that your copier could be another vulnerability in your company's data security? Here's why.

Copiers store information—it's part of what makes them convenient. They store digital copies of documents, sometimes keeping a copy of every document you've ever sent to the machine. When you're ready to recycle your device, you may not realize that it could be storing pages and pages of confidential personal or company information. All that needs to happen for this to turn into a data breach is for that hard drive to fall into the wrong hands.

Here's what you can do to make sure your information stays secure.

  1. Erase, remove, or destroy hard drives before recycling old copiers and printers
  2. Make sure employees are aware of copier data security
  3. Keep your copier software up to date and utilize antivirus software regularly on all computers

Employees use copiers every day to print and copy confidential information like pay stubs, proprietary data, personnel files, and more. Your security measures across your company's technology keep that information safe—don't leave your copier out of that equation.

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