5 Ways Your Copier is Telling You to Upgrade


It's typical not to think about purchasing a new copier until—groan—that dreaded moment when your current model gives up the ghost and stops working. Many business professionals like to wait until that absolute last minute before shopping for a new copier, but wouldn't it be smarter to ensure that you don't lose any productivity? Your copier will probably give you plenty of hints before it's done for good—and they may be hints you're due for a new copier before you realize it. Here are a few to look out for.

1. Your productivity is low

Your copier shouldn't be slowing down productivity; it should be speeding it up. But if employees are gathering around your copier, waiting for their print jobs to finish, it's probably time for an upgrade.

2. You're spending too much

Whether your copier has expensive replacement ink or is using up too much energy, you should consider replacing it if it costs you too much. Today's printers are more efficient and use fewer consumables, saving you a buck along the way.

3. Your copier is always down

Are you constantly calling your friendly copier repair technician? It's not worth the hit on your productivity—or your pocketbook—to hold onto a printer when it's constantly in need of repair.

4. Your information isn't secure

Today's copiers have security features that can keep your information safe, a must in today's world. Hackers often look for devices like copiers to access confidential information.

5. Your copier doesn't play nice with smartphones

Can your copier support mobile printing? If not, it's time to upgrade to a device that doesn't halt this essential part of modern productivity.

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