3 Tips for Finding Your Next MFP

Choosing a new multifunction printer can be a challenge, particularly because it's a large investment. You want to be sure that something you're spending hard-earned business money on will serve you well and boost your company's productivity. But with the many available options, it can be hard to decide which model will fit your company's needs best. And that's before you choose whether you'll be leasing or buying.

It's worth taking the time to research properly and ask the right questions. Working with trusted experts can help you ensure that you end up with the right device for your business. At the end of the day, it's most important to choose a printer that fits your particularly company's requirements.

Choosing the Right Multifunction Printer

Here are the tips we commonly give customers who are looking for the ideal multifunction printer for their business.

  1. Know what it will cost you: Of course, it's tempting to choose the cheapest option available to save yourself money. But in the long run, this tactic could end up costing you money. A cheap multifunction printer may have high costs down the road when it's in constant need of repair. Choose a machine that has a low total cost of ownership, meaning that the cost-per-page and the quality are sufficient for your needs.
  2. Upgrade your processes: If you're not sure what functionality you need, consider taking a second look at what processes are bottlenecks in your workflows. This will help you determine what kind of features could be helpful.
  3. Assess your current printing load: Be sure to choose an MFP that's up to the task of your monthly printing; every machine has a monthly duty cycle, and regularly exceeding this will wear your MFP out quickly.

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