3 Questions to Ask Before Buying Your Next Copier

Are you in the market for a new printer or copier? Making a decision can be tough, especially when you start to realize the sheer breadth of options available these days. The options can make it easier to get what you need, but it can also make it hard—how are you supposed to read through that many descriptions and brochures and find the right model for your company?

The good news is, with a few questions, you can choose the right copier based on a process of elimination. Here's what to ask when you're looking at purchasing a new copier.

1. How much do I print?

Does your company print a high volume each month? A multifunction printer or even a production printer might be the right printer for your office. Do you print only moderately—enough for meetings, hand-outs, and a few brochures? A laser printer might be the right bet. Whatever you choose, try to estimate your monthly printing and check the duty cycle of every machine you consider. This will tell you how much each device is rated to handle on a monthly basis.

2. What do I print?

Are you printing flyers? Brochures? Black-and-white documents? Photo enlargements? More? What you print will directly determine what kind of copier or printer you'll buy. Inkjet is best for full-color prints, while a laser printer is a certain choice for black-and-white speed.

3. What will I need?

One mistake we see commonly is choosing a printer that just barely meets your current business needs with no thought toward the future. If your company is growing, you need to purchase with an eye toward your future needs. This means buying a copier with features that might seem unnecessary now but could be lifesavers down the line.

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